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From fitness being a want and now a need Indians have realized the value of it and running a marathon is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit. The Marathon Industry is the most booming market in India and it’s an unorganized sector.

Fitskol believes that if the marathon industry is well organized it would further motivate people to be a part of it and with this approach Fitskol is formed for better facilitation of the Indian sporting Industry. Fitskol is a team of marathoners who re well-versed with what is the need of the industry and how to bridge the gap.

Sports Book is the dream project of Fitskol. Watch this space to be updated about sports book.

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To be the Best sports management company in India in the next 3 years        

our Vision

To connect the entire world through sports and fitness in a way that aspires people to make it their 1st priority.


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